Mira, esto es lo que piensan algunos de mis estudiantes sobre mis lecciones:

Wonderful, it was a great pleasure to meet and Claudia and have this first lesson together. She is such a friendly, positive and nice person and I felt immediately at ease. I am an absolute beginner and what she proposed to me was just perfect, a mixture of simple guided conversation and following a textbook she sent me the day before. The whole time, she was constantly writing words and phrases in the chat for me to use. I am so happy to have found Claudia and very much look forward to having new lessons with her.

Øivind (Oslo, Noruega)

Claudia is an excellent teacher, after months of classes I’ve definitely noticed my Spanish improve. Conversations are always free flowing and she always provides excellent feedback. We’ve covered numerous topics which has significantly broadened my spanish vocabulary, and understanding of spanish colloquialisms. Her resources and other platforms have also greatly contributed to my learning. If you want true measurable progress and a very personable teacher you are in the right place!

Malik (Nueva York, Estados Unidos)

Hola compañeros Máquinas. Since taking classes with Claudia over the past ~6 months my Spanish has improved to the extent that my Spanish friends now physically cry (with joy) at my newfound ability to communicate. Claudia’s accent is very neutral and for sure, you will improve as well as have a great time. 5 stars every time.

Tim (Londres, Reino Unido)